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A lawyer by training, an avid communicator and an advocate for change not only at home and in my community but trough my every day job, I have benefited greatly from inspirational women, challenging mentors and my female friends to get me I am now. Born and raised in Germany, I first set foot on African ground in 2007 for a small job with COMESA. Many work visits followed and eventually I moved to Owerri in the Niger Delta, followed by longer stays in Cape Town and Johannesburg and eventually Botswana. Married to a Motswana I call Gaborone my home, though my job takes me to all the corners of the continent and I don't get tired to learn and explore.  

Oldest daughter to a smart and incredibly kind and loving women, I strive to be like her, treating everyone with compassion and care and being a loud voice for women and our rights. But I have also seen the ugly sides of being a women in today's society, having worked in a male dominated industry where we often struggled to be treated with the respect and dignity we deserve. 

I have now found an employer that I cherish and respect. As Client Service Lead, Southern Africa, I manage a team of about 10 consultants working on regulatory risk management and strategic stakeholder engagements in Southern Africa. In other words: we support our clients in monitoring political and other changes on the continent and help them engage with the relevant stakeholders to mitigate risks that could arise. Our clients range from local communities to international donors, trans-national companies and digital start-ups. 

It would be an utmost pleasure to mentor some of the beautiful young women of this content as they try to find their place in this world, be it in their processional life or simply life, and as they strive to contribute and have a voice.

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