If I have any more questions, who should I contact?

Email support@twaa.co.tz or info@twaa.co.tz with your question(s) and we will respond as soon as we can.

How do I reach out to a Twaa mentor?

Go to the Google Play Store, Download the Twaa App , register with your details or alternatively you could go straight to our website www.twaa.co.tz and register then post your selected question to one of our many available Twaa mentors ,search by industry and select a Twaa Mentor based on their skills and experience according to the nature of your question i.e business questions for business mentors.

How many years of experience do I need to become a Twaa mentor?

Usually, with relevant experience / expertise we do relinquish this – each Twaa Mentor application is assessed on its own merits dependent on various criteria. We do recommend adding as much information to your profile related to your experience and skills.

I registered as a member but I wanted to be a Twaa Mentor, What should I do?

Any girl or lady who signs up on Twaa Mentorship App is assigned by their registration name ,to sign up as a Twaa mentor go to “become a mentor”, fill in the mentorship request form send in the completed request form and you will be notified if you meet the requirements to become a twaa mentor.

How do I get started on Twaa Mentor? Register on Twaa Mentor from your web or mobile browser.

Smartphone users can download the Twaa Mentor App (Google Play) to their phones

As a mentor how do I contribute to Twaa Mentorship App?

Aunt Sadaka is here for you

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About Aunt Sadaka

Aunt Sadaka is a trained counselor with over 10 years experience in councelling and coaching young girls in various issues. She is here to share with you her advice and experience. Ask her any question you may have, she will answer you and she assures you of confidentiality.

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