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Irene Kiwia - Twaa Founder/President

Sadaka Gandi - Twaa Chair/ InApp Counseling Psychologist

Imelda Lutebinga - Human Capital and Business Strategist

Jeniffer Bash - Alaska Tanzania/ Founder -CEO


"Human resource isn't a thing we do, its a thing that runs our business." - Steve Wynn
Gorgeous styles for short natural hair looks, and how to maintain them.
"The art of communication is the language of leadership" - James Humes This passage grasps the most common attribute in communication, which is public speaking. Take a second to open your mind up on different forms of public speaking in order to feed your growth.
Insightful Motivational Factors To Imprint in One's Mind
Learning to recognise that your inner beauty matters just as much as your outer beauty.
Nutritious foods to take in each meal, plus food mistakes to avoid when consuming a meal
Make an extra cash or even expand your career through your talents.
Unlock your inner abilities, discover your unlimited potentials and grow through the process.

Aunt Sadaka is here for you

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About Aunt Sadaka

Aunt Sadaka is a trained counselor with over 10 years experience in councelling and coaching young girls in various issues. She is here to share with you her advice and experience. Ask her any question you may have, she will answer you and she assures you of confidentiality.

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